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Updated: Friday, March 8, 2019



What's New with '62?

Read Ned's Remembrance of Jim "Rabbi" Wright [here]

Several attend the memorial service for Jenny Phillips [here]

Ned's account of our 56th reunion and the service which included Jim Wright [more]

Anson Perina celebrated his 75th Birthday in style [here]





Photo: our Fiftieth Reunion, June 16, 2012. Click for a Larger Picture with Caption.


Articles and Memorials...


Just Completed: Ned's Remembrance of Jim "Rabbi" Wright



There are many other remembrances by Ned, including Don Sutherland, Ed Wilkes, Bill Aiken, and Fred Wheelock

See an index of All Remembrances written by Ned Groth (there are now nearly 30 of them!)


If you haven't yet, you should: C. Lambert Heyniger (Including Supplement, 8/20/11), with a note from Dave Griswold about "The Boss," here; a note from Don Sutherland About Mr. Heyniger, here. "A Memory of Ron Emery," by Alicia Stroud, here.


Ned's 55th Reunion Narrative

The 55th Reunion Album




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